Power Rangers Time Force
Movie Madness Part I

Jason Faunt as Wes (Red Time Force Ranger)
Erin Cahill as Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg as Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips as Katie (Yellow Time Force Ranger)
Michael Copon as Lucas (Blue Time Force Ranger)
Daniel Southworth as Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells as Ransik
Kate Sheldon AS Nadira
Harvey Shain as Director
Nick Gomez as Assistant Director
Kazuhiro Yokoyama as Frankie Chang
Bryan Cheatham as Heath
Tak Kubota as Elder Monk
George "Buck" Flower as Bartender
Eiko Nijo as Princess
Brianne Siddall as Circuit (voice)
Neil Kaplan as Gluto (voice; unheard)
Terrence Stone as Cinecon (voice)

[In the Clock Tower, Circuit, Wes and Trip are eating popcorn and watching an old black and white western. Nearby, Jen is working at the viewing screen, quite annoyed at the noise the two boys are making.]

WES: Get 'em! Get 'em! Get 'em! Whoo-hooo!

[Jen tries to get back to work, but gives up and marches over to the TV.]

WES: The guys in the white hats are the good guys. The guys in the black hats...?
TRIP: Are the bad guys?
WES: Exactly!!

[The screen suddenly turns black and Jen leans over and snatches the video out of the VCR.]

JEN: Look, do you mind?! I am trying to do some research.
WES: But, we're doing research, too! Teaching Trip here about the Old West!
TRIP: Whooo! Reach for the sky, you yellow-bellied, lily-livered varmint! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yee-haw!

[Jen sighs as Katie and Lucas enter, carrying some cleaning equipment. Katie runs up to the couch, excitedly.]

KATIE: Hey! Guess What?! They're shooting a movie right down the street!
WES: Really?! Let's go check it out! Whoo-hoo!

[Wes and Trip leap over the back of the couch, but all four of them are stopped by Jen.]

JEN: Forget it! We've got too much work to do to worry about some silly movie.

[Jen sits back down behind the viewing screen, as Katie and Lucas place the cleaning supplies down nearby.]

LUCAS: I thought you said she'd want to see Frankie Chang.

[Jen suddenly turns her head to the side.]

JEN: Frankie Chang?!

[She jumps up and runs to the stairway, pausing to turn back to her team mates.]

JEN: Hurry! C'mon!
KATIE: Frankie Chang is her favorite action star!

[Black lines appear below and above the screen, to show that we are watching a movie. Frankie Chang is standing with a blond woman in a red dress.]

FRANKIE: Get out of here.

[She nods and runs off the screen, as several thugs start attacking Frankie. Behind the scenes, a crowd around the set, gathers including the five Time Force officers. Wes points of Frankie and Jen pulls Trip and Lucas away to clear her line of vision.]

JEN: Wow! It's really Frankie Chang!

[Back in the movie, Frankie leaps and fights around a bunch of furniture like a chair, sofa, and pool table. The Black bars disappear as we get a glimpse of behind the scenes work with crew men moving mats to catch the stunt men and working behind the camera. The director then stands up, after Frankie has defeated all of the thugs.]

DIRECTOR: Cut! Cut! Perfect! Brilliant! Print it!

[Frankie makes his way to his chair and sits down with three stunt men surrounding him, with one holding an umbrella. The crowd around the set are let loose and run towards Frankie begging for autographs. The five rangers are still standing to the sides watching everything, Jen with a huge smile on her face.]

LUCAS: His movies are okay. But samurai movies rule!
TRIP: I-I'm going to go get Frankie's autograph!

[Trip pats his jacket looking for a writing implement and paper. Finding none, he goes off to locate them.]

LUCAS: I mean, those fancy Japanese outfits and swords are so cool!
WES: Yeah, but for me it's a good old fashioned cowboy movie!
KATIE: You guys and your action flicks! Give me an old fashioned musical any day!

[Trip wanders around near the directors chair still looking for a pen and paper, when the director stands up and says to the woman beside him.]

DIRECTOR: Something's going on over there. I'm going to go see what's happening.

[The director sets the script he's holding down on his chair as he and the woman walk away. Trip then moves over and looks down at the open script book. The director moves past the other four rangers and points out to the woman.]

DIRECTOR: We're going to change it around a little bit. The next shot's going to come from up here. Five guys right...

[The assistant director then walks over and taps the director on the arm.]

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Sir, one of the stunt men had hurt himself.

[A long blond haired stuntman struggles to his feet, holding his left arm and being helped by a couple of medics.]

DIRECTOR: We'll shoot without him!
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: We can't. He's the guy who fights with Frankie and takes the big fall with the explosions.

[Wes smiles and walks up to the two men.]

WES: I'll do it! Yeah, I watched the scene. You fight, you fall on the pad. It's easy.
DIRECTOR: Heheheh. You're a pretty solid kid, huh? All right, come on. Somebody get him into makeup! C'mon.

[Wes gives two thumbs out to his friends as he's led off to the makeup and costume trailers.]

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: (into his headset) We've got a new stunt guy coming into makeup and hair right now. (to Wes) What's your name?

[Katie and Jen look at each other in disbelief, as Lucas looks on, also stunned. Nearby, Frankie signs his name on a piece of paper and hands it back to a smiling Trip.]

TRIP: Thank you so much!
FRANKIE: No problem. Nice hair.
TRIP: Thanks. You too.

[Jen approaches next to Trip.]

JEN: Frankie, hi! Trip, c'mon.

[Jen pulls Trip away.]

TRIP: Thank you! Bye!

[The makeup trailer's door opens and out steps a long blond haired Wes in a matching outfit that the previous stuntman had on, and his Chrono-Morpher on his wrist and is met by his four fellow team mates.]

JEN: Yeah! It looks nice!
WES: What do you think? You like the long blond hair?

[The Assistant Director approaches the small group.]

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Wes? Wes, they're ready for you.
WES: My fans, they're calling.

[Wes appears in front of the camera with Frankie and kindly shakes his hand. Getting into a fight position, he smiles as Frankie twirls a long sword and get ready also.]

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: All right, quiet please! And roll camera!

[Wes and Frankie start fighting each other with the rangers on the side smiling, though it's hard to tell which one Jen is rooting for. Wes gets beat up and bit and then slams into a pile of crates as Frankie backs up and pinches the sword. Wes looks down at a huge tear in his black shirt.]

WES: Hey! That sword's real!

[Frankie smiles and lunges at Wes as Jen runs over to the Director.]

JEN: Hey! It's not supposed to be like that!

[The Director pushes her away.]

DIRECTOR: Get out of here!

[Jen glares at the Director, as Frankie chases Wes up a ladder and onto the top of a three story building.]

WES: What are you doing?

[Jen turns from the Director and looks up as Frankie pushes Wes off the building. Several crewmen are standing below holding a large blue mat for Wes to land on.]


[At the last minute, the mat is removed and Wes lands on the hard ground. Wes grunts and raises his head and notices several dynamite charges nearby.

DIRECTOR: Explosion!

[Wes tries to get away as another crewman sets the explosions and they explode, sending Wes flying through the air to land on the ground again.]

JEN: Wes!!

[She and the other three officers run to Wes's side and help him up.]

JEN: Wes, are you okay?

[The Director stands up from his seat and glares at them.]

DIRECTOR: Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!

[Wes stops his friends, and stares at the director as he swipes the wig from his head and throws it to the ground.]

WES: Hey! They moved the pad! You're lucky I'm still in one piece!
DIRECTOR: Oh, not for long. Don't you know the name of this film? Hmm? 'The End of the Rangers'!

[He holds up his script book and shows the rangers the title and also the words 'Written and Directed by Cinecon'. The director laughs and suddenly changes into a white mutant with a goatee, wearing clothes, and carrying a bullhorn. Two crewman twirl around and change back into Cyclobots. And Frankie laughs and also changes back into his robotic form, leaving Jen stunned.]

JEN: My Frankie?!

[Cinecon laughs at the five rangers and Cyclobots crowd around.]

CINECON: Welcome to Movie Madness! Hahahaha! Cut to the Samurai Scene!

[A Cyclobot holds a clap board in front of the rangers and claps it. Instantly the scene switches to a wooded area where Lucas appears in Samurai armor, a sword, and long hair. He holds his Chrono-Morpher up and tries to reach someone through it.]

LUCAS: Wes?! Jen?! What's going on?

[Cinecon's laugh is heard and Lucas whirls around to face the mutant and a bunch of Cyclobots setting up the camera and lights.]

CINECON: You're starring in my Samurai Movie! Roll camera! Action!

[The black bars reappear on the screen as the color disappears, leaving Lucas in a black and white world and surrounded by several ninja warriors. A Cyclobot holds up the clapboard again in front of the scene.]

CINECON: Cut to the Musical!

[The Cyclobots claps the top down as the scene changes to a dark stage where Katie walks in a long yellow gown, a diamond necklace around her neck, long black gloves, and her Chrono-Morpher.]

KATIE: Where am I?

[A spotlight suddenly illuminates her and she puts her hands up to her eyes.]

KATIE: Who's there?!

[A streetlight comes on near her, as six black suited men dance onto the stage. Off stage, Cinecon is sitting in his director's chair.]

CINECON: Cue the music! Action!

[The Cyclobot claps the clapboard, the music starts up and one of the six dancers, known as Heath, steps towards her. Katie, surprised, steps back and notices what she's wearing, and twirls around.]

HEATH: (singing) Put on your top hats and tails tonight! We're stepping out into the bright city lights!

[Cinecon and the Cyclobots start swaying to the music as Katie runs over to heath.]

KATIE: (singing) Excuse me, sir. What the heck's going on?
HEATH: (singing) Stick with me, baby, you can't go wrong!

[He takes Katie's hand and twirls her around as the clapboard covers the scene.]

CINECON: Cut to the Kung-Fu scene!

[The black bars disappear as Jen walks into a vast yard with Chinese style buildings around. Jen realizes she's wearing a traditional Chinese outfit and giggles gleefully. Cinecon then walks out of one of the doors.]

CINECON: Settle! Lights, camera, action!

[The black bars return as an old monk approaches with four fighters.]

ELDER MONK: You must defeat all of these warriors, in order to earn this scroll.

[Jen smirks as she gets into a fighting position. The four fighters leap into the air towards her and they engage in battle, with Jen doing exceedingly well.]

ELDER MONK: You are doing well. Continue.

[Back in Silver Hills, Eric is leaving a large building, heading to his vehicle, when Circuit flies over to him.]

CIRCUIT: Eric! I need your help!
ERIC: What are, you crazy?!

[Eric swats at Circuit, who barley misses the hand.]

CIRCUIT: No, really! I'm serious! This is important! The rangers are missing! I can't find them anywhere!
ERIC: Well, maybe they're out picking up someone's trash.
CIRCUIT: But, Eric...

[Eric swats at Circuit again, who is hovering above the roof of the car.]

ERIC: Now get off my car, bird-brain! I'm busy!
CIRCUIT: You've got to listen to me. They've vanished from this dimension, completely!
ERIC: What?!

[Then Cinecon and his crew-bots appear nearby. Two of the Cyclobots are sitting behind a table covered with headshots of Eric. One robot is wearing a tie, the other wearing a dress.]

CINECON: Ahh, another star wannabe!
CIRCUIT: It's Cinecon!
ERIC: What are you talking about?
CINECON: Listen, kid. I know you want to be a movie star. But first, you've got to audition for me, just like everybody else. Hahaha! Okay, here's your big chance! Cyclobots! Give him his screen test!

[Several Cyclobots enter from behind the building. Eric, remaining calm, starts to battle them. Cinecon and his camera crew are viewing and filming the fight.]

CINECON: You call that acting?! Make me believe it!!

[Eric does a smooth flip and lands a kick into a Cyclobot before both his feet hit the ground.]


[Eric stands up and turns towards the mutant.]

ERIC: Now it's your turn.
CINECON: A real tough guy, huh?!

[The Cyclo in a dress approaches Cinecon and shows him Eric's headshot.]

CINECON: What is it?!

[The Cyclobot gives him a thumbs up, as Cinecon takes the headshot.]

CINECON: Oh, I agree whole heartedly!

[He turns to Eric.]

CINECON: Today's your luck day! You got the part, kid!

[A Cyclobot holds the clapboard in front of a startled Eric.]

CINECON: Jungle Movie! Take 1!

[The clapboard is clapped and immediately the black bars return and Eric is seen swinging through a forest on a vine.]

ERIC: Ahhhh-ahh-ahh-ahhhh!!

[Eric lets go of the vine and lands on the ground. He then realizes that he looks just like Tarzan and is not too happy. A noise nearby causes him to look up and sees a chimp trying to reach a banana hanging from a tree, just out of his reach. Eric moves over, takes the banana down and hands it to the chimp, who starts to eat it. The chimp departs, eating, right before several inhabitants of the place where Eric has landed, appear and chase after the time-displaced ranger, who rushes into the woods.]

[Back outside of Silver Hills, in the Prison Ship, Ransik enters the main hall, carrying a spiked mace, passes his daughter and enters his office. Nadira gets up from her chair and follows closely behind him.]

NADIRA: Ohh, daddy! I never get to do anything I want!
RANSIK: But, dearest, you have all the gold, clothes, and jewelry that anyone could ever want.
NADIRA: You think all I want is expensive stuff? Really, daddy! How shallow do you think I am? I have much more important dreams! I want to be famous! Heehee!
RANSIK: You are famous! You're the daughter of Ransik, the mutant who will one day rule the world!
NADIRA: Yes, well, that's okay, I suppose. But what I really want...is to be movie star! Please? Please?
RANSIK: But...
NADIRA: Put me in Cinecon's movie! Please, daddy! Please?
RANSIK: Huh. All right. I... suppose.
NADIRA: What?!
RANSIK: I suppose.
NADIRA: Whoa! Yay! Hahaha!

[Somewhere in Cinecon's movie world, Cinecon is standing at a snack table talking to a straw-hatted Cyclobot.]

CINECON: So, what's you say we do lunch?

[The Cyclobot hands him a hot dog with mustard on it.]

CINECON: Perfect! Hahaha!

[Cinecon prepares to eat his snack when Ransik approaches the mutant between a couple of trailers.]

RANSIK: Uhh, Cinecon! I have a liiittle request.
CINECON: Yes, of course you do. But make it quick! Can't you see I'm just about to lose my light?
RANSIK: Uh-huh. I'd like you to put my daughter, Nadira, in a screen.
CINECON: Ah, what do you think I'm doing here? A kiddie show?! She's not even an actress. I won't use her!
RANSIK: Let me put it to you another way.

[Ransik pushes Cinecon against one of the trailers.]

RANSIK: Put her in the film!!!!
CINECON: Good idea, Ransik! Heheh. Why didn't I think of that? Perfect choice! Bye now!

[Ransik pats him on the shoulder and departs, pausing to take a twizzler from a Cyclobot and eats on the way back home.]

CINECON: Whew. Producers! Always ruining a good project.

[The mutant stuffs the hot dog in his mouth and turns to a Cyclobot.]

CINECON: Cut to the Western!

[The Cyclobot holds up the clapboard and at once the scene changes to a town in the old west, where Wes and Trip, both dressed accordingly to the time, walk down the dirt street.]

TRIP: Whoa. Where are we?
WES: Trip, it's the Old West! I've seen lots of westerns. C'mon! There's always people in the saloon. Ha ha!

[At a nearby building, several Cyclobots, Cinecon, and the camera are seen on a second floor porch.]

CINECON: Did he say the right line?

[The Cyclobot he questioned nods.]


[Wes and Trip enter a typical western saloon with cowboys playing poker, a bar, and bar matrons. As soon as the two cowboy rangers enter the whole room goes silent and every eye fixes on them.]

TRIP: They all have black hats!
WES: Just, follow my lead.

[Wes leads his frightened team mate through the maze if tables and chairs.]

WES: Howdy, partner!
TRIP: Howdy... howdy, partners!

[They approach the bar where they take a seat on two stools.]

WES: We'll take two sarsaparillas!

[The bartender complies as everyone in the room goes back to their business of drinking and gambling. Trip tries to snag a bowl of peanuts nearby, but the rough-looking cowboy in front of them, stops him.]

[Outside, we see a trailer with a large star on the door with 'Nadira' printed on it. Cinecon and a Cyclobot approach and the Cyclobot knocks on the door as Cinecon holds up his bullhorn.]

CINECON: Move it, Nadira! Your scene's up! We need you on the set, right now!

[Nadira swings open her door, knocking aside the Cyclobot. She's wearing a pink and orange cowgirl pant suit.]

NADIRA: Oohh! My big debut! He! I'm going to be a star! Hehehe!

[Back in the saloon, Wes and Trip are leaning against the bar, blind to the fact that on the second floor stands Cinecon, his Cyclobot crew and the camera.]

CINECON: Okay, background movement, go! And... action!

[The black bars appear as Nadira enters the saloon. Wes and Trip turn around, not to happy when they recognize the villainess. Nadira also spots them and weeps into a handkerchief as she makes her way to the bar. Approaching it, she points an accusing finger at the two rangers who are pretending not to notice her.]

BARTENDER: You know them, ma'am?
NADIRA: Know them? Why, they burned down our barn! Robbed my daddy! Even stole his boots! Ahh!
BARTENDER: They stole his boots?!

[Wes and Trip turn shaking their heads.]

BARTENDER: Why, you yeller-bellied, lily-livered varmints!
TRIP: Whoa. They really do say that in westerns!

[Wes nods as Nadira turns around and is offered a chair from a cowboy. She stands a top it and holds out her purse.]

NADIRA: Five hundred dollars to the man who brings them to justice! Hahaha!

[The cowboys in the room quickly stand up and approach the two defensive rangers. A bar brawl them breaks out against the cowboys and the two 'new-comers'. Upstairs, Cinecon turns to one of the Cyclobots.]

CINECON: You'd better be getting this. It's beautiful!

[Back downstairs, Trip is about to help Wes, when he's stopped by the peanut-eating cowboy. Trip turns around and waves nervously.]


[The cowboy shakes his head and Trip is thrown onto the bar table and pushed down the length of it, ending up on the floor with two peanuts stuck up his nose. Shaking his head, he removes the peanuts and runs to Wes's side.]

WES: Trip! We need to contact Circuit!
TRIP: Right!

[Right then, a cowboy grabs Trip and throws him out into the dusty street. The black bars disappearing, Trip dusts himself off and prepares to race back into the saloon, when he remembers something. He turns and runs down the street, kicking a cowboy out of the way, and then ducking behind some crates. He them presses his Chrono-Morpher.]

TRIP: Circuit? Circuit, come in! We need you!

[In the Silver Hills Clock Tower, Circuit wakes up.]

CIRCUIT: Trip, I've been scanning all over for you! Where are you?
TRIP: Cinecon sent us to some alternate dimension!

[Back in the samurai movie, Lucas is still fighting off the ninja's when he hears a cry for help in the Japanese language coming from a young woman being attacked ny some of the ninja. Lucas smiles and slashes his way to the Princess's side. He clears the ninja's out for the time being and turns to the Princess, smiling. She smiles back.]

[In the musical movie, Katie is totally engrossed in the part with Heath.]

HEATH: (singing) There is no sweeter rose them you! No sky that matches your eyes so blue!
KATIE: (singing) This is such a strange way to meet. But you've swept me right off my feet!

[Cinecon sits in the audience and wipes his eyes.]

CINECON: Oh, that's marvelous!

[In the Kung-Fu movie, Jen is in her element, fighting the warriors. With one monk left, Jen prepares to take him down.]

[In the jungle movie, Eric is in a predicament. Caught by the inhabitants, he is locked in a wood cage and is being carried into their village. He looks around and sees a large caldron boiling over the fire. He panics and starts shaking the bars of his prison.]

ERIC: You're going to cook me?! This can't be happening!!!

[Back in the western movie, the bar brawl has been moved outside. Wes is surrounded by several cowboys and Nadira. The cowboys twirl around and reveal themselves as Cyclobots, still wearing their cowboy coats, hats, and/or bandannas. Cinecon is standing in the street with his Cyclo crew filming everything.]

NADIRA: I reckon this is the end of the trail for you, partner.

[Wes glares at Nadira, trying to figure out how to get out of this mess.]